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BSP Premium

StackinSat offers its new product: BSP Premium.

This offer was designed for those who are ready to make a long-term commitment to buying Bitcoin.
Indeed, the BSP Premium offer offers the possibility of pre-paying the costs of buying Bitcoin in one go (€100 or €500) for a given volume level (€10,000 or €100,000 in the case of purchase-delivery, without time limit).
As the fees are prepaid, transfers to a BSP premium will be converted in full at no additional cost. The historical offer, with a transaction commission between 1.5 and 2.5%, is renamed the classic BSP.

The real innovation of BSP Premium lies in the concept of pre-payment of fees.
This approach, the first of its kind globally in the cryptocurrency industry, allows our clients to benefit from reduced fees while having complete clarity on the costs they will incur. Instead of charging with each transaction, which can lead to unexpected and fluctuating fees, we give our users the option to pay upfront. It's a real revolution in the way cryptocurrency platforms work, which positions StackinSat as a trendsetter and innovator in the industry. While many other offers may seem similar at first glance, none offer the unique combination of predictability, transparency and savings that our Premium ILL provides.

Simplicity, flexibility and support are at the heart of BSP Premium, while maintaining the ease of use of our BSP Classic offer. Additionally, BSP Premium offers free unlimited Bitcoin deliveries, providing an added benefit to our users. As a reminder and despite the increase in Bitcoin blockchain mining fees in recent months, we have been able to keep delivery costs very low, below 1000 sats on average in May, thanks to our group delivery system, which allows us to pool mining costs. Remember that the majority of other platforms charge delivery/withdrawal fees of at least 200,000 sats.

As of today, StackinSat offers three Bitcoin purchase/delivery offers, always with a variation for individuals and for businesses:

BSP Classic: To start saving on Bitcoin without commitment with a 1.5% fee on each transaction, plus mining fees for delivery;

BSP Premium 100 to 100€: For convinced Bitcoiners who want to invest up to 10,000€ without time limit (i.e. 1% final costs), delivery is free, mining costs are covered by StackinSat ;

BSP Premium 500 to 500€: For legacy Bitcoiners or companies who want to invest up to €100,000 without time limit (i.e. 0.5% final costs), delivery is free, mining costs are supported by StackinSat.

StackinSat also offers these three buy/hold offers. Find the complete price list here:

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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