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Start my Bitcoin Pro Savings Plan

Know first of all that to benefit from the services of StackinSat Pro, you must be a European resident and have a bank account in the SEPA zone. Be careful if you are self-employed or liberal professions (no legal personality), you are not eligible for BSP Pro, in this case you must create a specific BSP.

When you start creating your Pro StackinSat account via the page, you will need:

Configure your amount and the frequency of your payments (Weekly/monthly)

Complete the KYB form

Enter bitcoin receiving address

Wait for the validation email with all the information relating to your BSP

Configure your bank payments (indicating the tracking code)

You can save from €25 per week or €100 per month.

You can make an initial payment when creating your account (minimum of 1000€).

We also offer our new pro customers a welcome offer: for any initial payment of €10,000, StackinSat offers you €100 in bitcoin!

To start payments on your ILL, you must set up:

1 - A recurring SEPA bank transfer (from your bank's website (An email has been sent to you about this 💌):

Add StackinSat as recipient of a SEPA transfer.

Put the amount and frequency you have chosen

VERY IMPORTANT: Put the unique TRACKING CODE in the reference of your transfer. This code was communicated to you by email and at the end of the creation of your BSP. You can also find your code in your dashboard by clicking on the "i" button (information) above the name of the BSP concerned then on the configure section your transfer.

🚨 Please note, once you have made your transfer, there is an interbank delay of approximately 2 working days ⏲️ before we receive the money. You will be notified by email with an invoice confirming receipt and identification of the bank transfer issued.


Here is a link to a video that will allow you to easily create your pro account:

To familiarize yourself with the use of your BSP, please go here:

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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