Articles on: Getting Started and First Steps with your BSP

Start of payments, configuration of bank transfer

To start your BSP, you simply need to:

Set up a recurring SEPA bank transfer via your customer area (operations) then, from your bank's website (an email has been sent to you on this subject 💌):

Add StackinSat as recipient of a SEPA transfer (our RIB is available in your dashboard by clicking on info.bancaires.)

Indicate the amount and frequency you have chosen

VERY IMPORTANT: Add the unique tracking code that was sent to you by email and at the end of the creation of your BSP in all the available fields of the bank transfer.

🚨 Please note, once you have made your transfer, there is an interbank delay of approximately 2 working days ⏲️ before we receive the money. You will be notified by email with an invoice confirming receipt of the transfer.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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