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What are the fees applied

We want to make Bitcoin accessible to as many people as possible by offering a fixed operating fee of 1.5% on each delivery (regardless of the type of transfer, recurring or one-off).

These fees can be reduced if you meet certain conditions : See Fee Schedule

The minimum investment amount is €10 per month. The Bitcoin Savings Plan offered by StackinSat is available without obligation and can be cancelled at any time without any charge.

After receipt of your payment, we will send you after validation of the transaction by the miners, your satoshis on your own personal safe (wallet or bitcoin wallet), the mining fees will be deducted from your purchases.

We make every effort to minimize these mining fees which are necessary for any transaction on the Bitcoin network, but it is difficult to predict and anticipate fees on the bitcoin network.

This initially depends on the competition between miners on fees and the congestion of the bitcoin network (the fees for transactions awaiting validation).

In order to optimize transaction fees, we use low fees that allow the validation of the transaction by minors within 24 hours.

We publish the transaction in the evening around 8 p.m. and it is usually validated overnight.

We also group the delivery of our customers on a single transaction, which greatly reduces the costs per user, the more customers there are delivered on a transaction, the less the mining costs are important for our customers.

The fees will then be applied to the overall transaction and then split by customer according to the average fees applied during the day and deducted from the delivery to your personal safe (wallet).

For information, in 2023, mining costs were between 80 sat and 400 sat (i.e. less than €0.075)

To learn more about mining fees, you can read this article on our blog:

Or watch this video which clearly explains how mining and delivery fees work at StackinSat*:

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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