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Offer or activate a gift card

To offer a gift card please go here 👉 dashboard.

To be able to benefit from the bitcoins of the gift card 🎁 you must create a Stackinsat account (if you are not already a customer)!

If you offer a gift card to someone you know, this person will have to open an BSP in order to be able to activate their gift card and benefit from the Euros/Bitcoin conversion.

In order for your gift card to be activated, you will first have to do your KYC.

To activate your gift card whether dematerialized or physical, please manually enter the code of your gift card so that it can be taken into account for the conversion into bitcoin 👉 Activation

You can also scan the QR code present on the physical gift card, in order to arrive directly on the page which will allow the activation.

Also here is the FAQ link for card activation included in the Bitcoin Starter Pack here 👉 FAQ

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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