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What is the tracking code for and where should it be entered?

The tracking code is VERY IMPORTANT, it allows you to assign the Euros received to your BSP.

This makes it possible to automatically process recurring or one-time transfers and deliver the satoshis to the correct bitcoin wallet (yours in this case).

The tracking code must be added to the message: reason or reference or wording or title or additional information or description of the transfer in your bank application, when you make your transfer.

You can find your tracking code in your dashboard by clicking on the "i" (information) button above the name of the BSP concerned, then on the configure your transfer section.

For information, we have updated our procedure concerning the treatment of transfers which arrive at us without a tracking code, now people who have not put their tracking code receive a transfer email received without a tracking code and the transfer is put on hold.

You will therefore have to follow the procedure indicated in the email by clicking on "Process my transfer" and above all modify your bank transfers by adding your tracking code in all the available fields such as the reference, the reason, the wording so that this code can be displayed when we receive your transfer.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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