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How do I make a one-time transfer in addition to my permanent transfer?

You can make one-time additions in addition to your recurring transfers.

The one-time purchase functionality is directly available from your dashboard in the operation tab.

Via your dashboard, you can:

Create a one-time purchase by indicating the amount

See a list of all your one-time purchases in progress and pending receipt of funds.

Delete one-time purchases that you don't want to honor.

🚨 Once the request has been made, _ it will be necessary to make the one-time transfer from your bank by indicating the tracking code in all the fields available during the configuration of the transfer.

It is IMPORTANT to clearly indicate the tracking code in your bank application in all the available fields (reason or reference or wording or title or additional information or description of the transfer), this facilitates the automatic processing of one-off or even recurring transfers.

If you forgot to put the tracking code or did not set up your one-time purchase in your dashboard, you will receive an email from us asking you how to handle your "unexpected" transfer.

In this case, please follow the procedure proposed in the email by clicking on Process my transfer and choosing one of the options that will be offered to you.

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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