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What rate is applied when converting euros to Bitcoin

The rate applied is that on kraken (xbteur) at the time of conversion of the transfer.

The satoshis are then added to the daily bulk delivery transaction that is posted to the Bitcoin network after 8 p.m. in the evening.

Satoshis arrive in your Bitcoin wallet once this transaction has been validated by a miner (which may take time depending on network conditions).

Here are two articles that will help you better understand the issue of mining fees and how transactions work on the Bitcoin network:

- One explains mining fees (and confirmation times): what are mining fees for bitcoin transactions

- The other explains how transactions work on the bitcoin network: How does a transaction work with bitcoin

DécouvreBitcoin clearly explains to you in this video how the mining and delivery fees work at StackinSat.

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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