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My Dashboard

You will find all the information related to your account on your dashboard: StackinSat Dashboard

With this dashboard you can:

- Access your various BSPs and information on the type, frequency and recurring amount, total amount invested, % of costs,

- See the value of your savings,

- View the evolution graph,

- See our banking information as well as your tracking code,

- Open a BSP with the StackinSat Safe and make btc withdrawals to another wallet.

- Create up to 10 savings plans (multi BSP),

- Modify your BSP, (frequency and amount),

- Change your delivery address,

- View your transaction history

- Make a one-time purchase,

- Sponsor your loved ones,

- Offer bitcoin via gift card

- Export in CSV the information related to your transactions

- Contact our customer service via chat

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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