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The difference between StackinSat and an exchange platform (often called an exchange or crypto exchange)?

StackinSat differs from exchange platforms on several points.

First of all, our Bitcoin Savings Plan is very easy to use. StackinSat is positioned at the opposite of exchange platforms in terms of accessibility and understanding of the product. Indeed to buy bitcoin at StackinSat, there is no need to do technical analysis, to monitor the order book and the spread, to know the functioning of a limit order, a market order, a stop loss limit, or other advanced trading features and complex orders.

Unlike an exchange, StackinSat does not store your bitcoins.

We deliver Bitcoin directly to your own Personal Vault (wallet or wallet) and you have immediate possession of it.

You are therefore not exposed to the risk of hacking trading platforms.

Unlike exchanges, we do not offer other cryptocurrencies or digital assets with an uncertain future.

We only offer bitcoin, which we believe is the digital asset that is most likely to withstand the test of time and which is clearly identified today by all experts as a store of value whose characteristics are close to gold.

To find out more, take a look at this article written by our CEO:

Also, the customer profile that StackinSat is aimed at is very different from that of exchanges.

We have designed our offer to meet the needs of investors who have a long-term objective and not traders with short-term performance objectives.

With StackinSat, there is no need to know when is the best time or the best price to buy bitcoin. You just need to be consistent and gradually accumulate Satoshis to create a heritage and a bitcoin reserve with a controlled schedule and budget.

To find out more, watch the intervention of Jonathan, our CEO, during a conference held at the Higher School of Advanced Industrial Technologies of the Basque Country: https://www.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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