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Can I change my Bitcoin receiving address?

A Bitcoin receiving address or BTC delivery address allows you to designate the destination of a bitcoin payment, and therefore allows you to receive your bitcoins in your personal safe (wallet).

Here is the procedure if you want to change your Bitcoin receiving address to receive your satoshis on your personal Bitcoin wallet:

You just have to go to your Stackinsat profile, in operations, "Modify my delivery address", and there you enter the new address.

Know that this address is in your personal safe (wallet), when you click on receive.

For your information, your personal safe (wallet) can generate a very large number of receiving addresses. All addresses point to your Bitcoin wallet and are valid indefinitely.

Only one is enough for your PEB, but you can modify the reception address if you wish by following the procedure explained

in this article: Changing my Bitcoin receiving address on StackinSat

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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