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Do I have to declare my BSP to the tax authorities

We deliver directly to your Personal Bitcoin Vault (wallet or wallet), so your bitcoins belong to you!

StackinSat does not currently offer the Bitcoin > Euro conversion.
The Bitcoin > Euro conversion will be available during 2023.

StackinSat being domiciled in France, you do not need to declare your StackinSat account.
If you are a French resident you must declare your accounts abroad.

You only need to report your gains on realized capital gains (i.e. Bitcoin>Euro conversions).
Your capital gains are taxed at 30% from €300 of capital gain realized over the fiscal year.

As long as you do not convert your bitcoins into legal tender, you remain non-taxable.

Before the end of the fiscal year (and if you sold bitcoins for euros) you will receive a summary of your capital gains to help complete your declaration.

Here is a video that will allow you to see more clearly on the taxation related to Bitcoin:

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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