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How do I know if my bitcoins are safe?

We deliver the satoshis directly to the bitcoin wallet (wallet) belonging to you.

Upon delivery, your Bitcoins are secured by you and your personal Bitcoin wallet, so you are responsible for securing your Bitcoins via your personal safe.

As for sending euros, you alone have control because only transfers that you set up from your online banking application are possible.

It is therefore impossible to access your Bitcoins or your Euros from your StackinSat account (because you are the only one to have access to your bank account and your personal Bitcoin safe).

Your StackinSat account only displays a summary of your operations and performance. The only sensitive data on your StackinSat dashboard is your Bitcoin receiving address.

This is the reason why we have implemented a second authentication factor (2FA) required to make a Bitcoin receiving address change.

With 2FA, we are confident in terms of security because you are the only one who can change your receiving address, and no one can divert deliveries to another wallet than yours!

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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