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The Multi BSP

StackinSat offers the possibility of opening several Bitcoin Savings Plans for the same account. This is the principle of project savings.

You can thus "compartmentalize" your Bitcoin savings into several BSPs, each with its own capital, time horizon and objective.

We advise you to use our simulator to help you here.

Create projects by segmenting your savings by projects:

Personal contribution for a real estate purchase

Sabbatical year

Children's studies


Details about this feature:

You can create an initial payment in addition to your recurring purchase on each ILL

You can create one or more ILLs for your children knowing that you will remain the owner of the StackinSat account(s)

You can give the name of your choice to your project

It is possible to use the same bitcoin receiving address (although we advise you to use a different address in order to properly segment your projects)

You can create up to 10 different BSPs

The functionality of the Multi-BSP (Bitcoin Savings Plan) accessible directly on your dashboard here.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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